"John has an insatiable curiosity and passion, for the design and the client." 

Live from my mobile studio

Live from my mobile studio



John Newgard is a graphic designer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He works closely with clients to understand their needs, guide them toward strategic solutions, and delight them with the results. John strives for effective communication through a carefully crafted creative strategy and impactful design.

John’s background as a Professional Engineer and scientist lends itself to a professional, analytical approach to problem solving. John’s interactive, patient style ensures that the client is heard and that their business problem is thoroughly understood before commencing creative work.

John demonstrates great leadership and organizational skills, and he approaches every project with an insatiable curiosity and passion. His concept development is strategic and imaginative, exploring and generating many options before selecting the very best for client review. For the client, this means a rewarding working relationship and deliverables with measurable results.


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“John is incredible, for many reasons. He is disciplined, driven and boundless in his productivity. He approaches each project with an insatiable curiosity and passion for both the design and the client. John explores and generates countless solid options, leaving a client with no doubt they got more than they paid for. His concept development is strategic and imaginative. His executions are refined and pragmatic in their ease of application. As part of a team, John consistently demonstrates great organizational and leadership skills. His energy, optimism and inquisitiveness fuel his creative teams and he maintains an inclusive atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute. John respect, optimism and gregarious nature make him a powerful asset in meetings.” –Paul Douglas, Creative Director, Melon Design

“John’s creativity and his interactive and patient approach provided a genesis and execution that came together into a well polished product. He is very clever and insightful. Being able to convey several concepts into a simple PowerPoint slide takes both scientific and business expertise.” –Marcus Brady, Business Development, Medical Development Ccommercialization Centre

“John was able to intuit what we needed, perhaps better than I could have communicated. I am impressed with his ability to write effective and persuasive copy for our advertising materials.” –Paul Byrne, President & CEO, CPDonline.ca